Jaki Summerfield (B.S.D.A) has been performing Semi-permanent tattooing since 2001. During her many years in the industry, she has committed to attending regular professional training sessions, keeping up to date with the latest techniques, equipment and legislation. Her sophisticated technique ensures a gentle treatment with very little discomfort to the client, ensuring no lasting trauma is caused to the skin. Semi-permanent makeup is designed to enhance, emphasize, correct or intensify facial features, a result that is individual to the client's natural appearance. As a member of the 'British School of Dermagraphic Art' the equipment and methods used have been fully inspected and passed by the requirements set out by the revised standards of British Health & Safety.

Jaki is fully insured and qualified to Level 4 in SPMU

New Clients

Brows (initial treatment) . . £220.00   

Brow Top Up (if required) . . £100.00
Top Eye Lids . . £170.00
Bottom Eye Lids . . £125.00 
Eyeliner Top Up . . £100.00
Full Eyeliner (inc Top Up) . . £325.00
Soft Lip Line . . £220.00
Full Lip Blush . . £270.00
Lip Colour Top Up . . £100.00
Beauty Spot . . £60.00
Hair Density Tattooing . . £150.00 

*FREE Consultation with Allergy Test Required

Colour Refresh for Returning Clients

Brows . . £125.00
Top Eye Lids . . £100.00
Bottom Eye Lids . . £100.00 
Full Eyeliner . . £125.00
Soft Lip Line . . £125.00
Full Lip Blush . . £150.00
These are single treatments ONLY!

The Consultation .. 30mins
This is a FREE, no obligation appointment which includes your allergy test. It gives you an opportunity to meet Jaki and ask as many questions you feel necessary. Jaki will discuss what to expect from the treatment, patiently address any of your concerns and show you the options for shape, colour and technique from her extensive photo gallery. You will be given a detailed information brochure to take away and read at your leisure.
Initial Treatment .. 1.5 - 2hrs
After reviewing the necessary paperwork, then comes the exciting bit .. creating the shape. Relying on her background in art and design and many years of experience in performing SPMU, Jaki will create a shape that will flatter you as an individual. Using advanced techniques, tools and a good eye for symmetry, a stencil is drawn onto your skin for you to consider. Jaki will ensure you are 100% satisfied on the shape and colour before proceeding with the actual tattooing. 
Numbing cream is applied and left to do it's magic, the tattooing then takes about 1hr to complete. A secondary anaesthetic is applied throughout the procedure and along with Jaki's gentle technique, many clients have expressed their surprise at how they felt very little discomfort, some have actually fallen to sleep during the procedure! 
Before completion, you are encouraged to study your new look and if you feel any slight adjustments are needed, Jaki will be more than happy to make them. 
An aftercare balm is applied and supplied for continued use at home and an aftercare leaflet is discussed and given for your referral during the healing process.
4 - 6 Week Top Up Treatment .. 1 -1.5hrs
A small percentage of clients don't need this treatment, which is why we haven't included the price of it in some of our treatments. This appointment gives Jaki the opportunity to assess the results of the initial treatment, perform necessary adjustments, reinforce the colour or even go bolder with the shape. Jaki's goal is to create a look that naturally enhances your features. Gradually building up the colour and shape not only gives you chance to get use to your new look but it also gives you greater control on your desired finish. The same aftercare is needed for this treatment. To keep the shape looking fresh, we recommend a Colour Refresh Treatment every 18 months.