Jaki Summerfield (B.S.D.A) has been performing Semi-permanent tattooing since 2001. During her many years in the industry, she has committed to attending regular professional training sessions, keeping up to date with the latest techniques, equipment and legislation. Her sophisticated technique ensures a gentle treatment with very little discomfort to the client, ensuring no lasting trauma is caused to the skin. Semi-permanent makeup is designed to enhance, emphasize, correct or intensify facial features, a result that is individual to the client's natural appearance. As a member of the 'British School of Dermagraphic Art' the equipment and methods used have been fully inspected and passed by the requirements set out by the revised standards of British Health & Safety.

Jaki is fully insured and qualified to Level 4 in SPMU

*FREE Consultation with Allergy Test Required

   Brows:   Hair Stroke / Powder           £195.00

             Top Up    (if required)               £100.00

   Eyes:      Full Eyeliner (inc Top Up)              £295.00

             Top Lid                              £145.00  

             Bottom Lid                    £100.00
                Top Up for Single Lid             £100.00        
   Lips:       Lip Line Only                        £195.00
          Soft Line & Blush                  £245.00 

             Top Up                   £100.00
   Beauty Spot:                                 £60.00

Colour Refresh

         3 - 6 months            £75.00

         7 - 12 months          £100.00 

         13 - 18 months           £150.00 

         19 - 24 months           £195.00 

Removal / Correction    ...   Prices given during consultation