Salon Lockdown .. An Emotional Decision

Dear Clients,
On Saturday 21st March, I made the emotional decision to close my salon. At that time I was unaware of any other salons closing, so I did question whether I was over reacting! But my priority being a business owner has always been the welfare of the people in my premises, staff and clients alike, so this took priority over any financial losses I would incur.
Our hygienic practice has always been of a ‘gold’ standard, I added extra precautions (installing wall mounted hand sanitizers, wearing masks, giving extra time between clients, restricted some treatments) all to ensure the safety of staff and clients.
The responsibility I felt towards everyone caused me sleepless nights and I don’t mind admitting some tears, I was concerned about my staff who were ‘high risk’ with health issues, those who were returning home to young ones and also my lovely clients who have shown us so much support during my 27 years in business.
Before making the decision to close, I spoke to my staff, at the time I had no idea how I was going to pay their wages, but they were all so supportive and agreed that it was the right time to close to ensure the safety of all.
I am truly blessed that I work with such an amazing team of girls. They were very helpful and offered to contact all their clients, I posted the notice on Facebook and WOW! We were all touched at the loving responses we received, this reassured me that the decision to close was the right one, a massive THANK YOU to all.
So here we are today, everyone experiencing ‘Lockdown’, considering the welfare of others. I hope that you all stay safe and your loved ones. My main concern are my parents and their serious health issues, we are doing all we can to keep them safe. I’m being extremely patient, attempting to instruct my mum (over the phone) to start online grocery shopping.
I’m also planning our reopening, looking at new treatments we can add to our services, attending online training courses etc. When it is safe to do so, I’ll be finishing some of the jobs in the salon from when we opened a year ago (might even sort the cupboard of doom).
Regarding when the salon will reopen, as yet we are unsure, we will await instruction from the government. We will make a big splash on our Facebook page and Website,, we will also attempt to give you all a phone call.

In the mean time, stay well, stay safe and see you all again soon.

All our warmest love and thanks
Jaki and the girls x